Thursday, April 27, 2006

You know how much you all mean to me, right?

Your comments bring me comfort and joy.

I sincerely thank you!


There is a clever guy with a blog called Panopticon. I don't know much about him except that he is a knitter from Chicago and he draws the cutest knitting cartoons.

Check it out!

Cute Cartoon

That cartoon is really Katie and me.


I hope you all read Cindy's Wienermobile story in the comment box!
She told it so well, didn't she :o)

Here she is!!! Click on this picture to make it larger!
So cute!!!

(And if anyone has photobucket please email me. I can't resize my photos to save my life!)

A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.
~Henry Adams

Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths pure theatre.
~Gail Godwin

Hey, I don't know if that is necessarily true... but yesterday was the definition of pure theatre!!!

Do you have any special memories of a wonderful teacher?

Encourage one another,

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