Monday, December 17, 2007

My fave

The annual showing of my mother's ornament.

How I love this 60's treasure.

I have a vague memory of the kitchen table in Elmhurst covered with pins and beads.
I made something similar.

I kind of think mom went somewhere to make this, like a friends house or something.
Or she made it at night.

I don't remember her making it, but I do remember her setting things up so we could make something similar.

Mom liked to work with her hands too.

She did crewl.

She made little pictures.

And she sewed.
She sewed little plaid wool jumpers. A-line.

Simple plaid jumpers that were worn with cable knit tight.

I wore my jumper (it was gold and brown plaid) to school five days in a row.

Our mom didn't notice that I wore it every day.....but I did it on purpose.

Thus began my habit of wearing the same outfit day after day.


When I moved to my first apartment in Wausau, Nancy brought me a box of ornaments for my tree.
Nancy was the keeper of our parents things for year and years.
In fact, she is still, I am sure.

She gave me the greatest gift in that box of ornaments.

Every year at Christmas time I get a visit from my mom.

It's happy and a little wild and makes me smile and remember.

I love it.

Encourage one another,

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