Thursday, December 27, 2007


Do you remember the little hat I knit for Audrey Woulard?
That hat that I wrapped so pretty and took to Chicago with me?

And do you remember how I stood outside the loft and cried?

Member that?

And I don't think I told you.
I sent that little hat in the mail to Chicago, to Audrey.
The kind and brilliant photographer who so generously offered me a spot at her next workshop.

And I didn't hear from Audrey about the hat.

I figured the hat was lost or in a pile or on the head of some little stranger baby toddling around the Windy City.

But four weeks later, I heard from Audrey.

She finally had gotten the hat. The folks who collected her mail that week...had forgotten to give her that little package.

And, well, she loved the little colorful hat.

Audrey said she had a commercial shoot coming up and they wanted her to use hats.

She would most definitely use it.

Well. How exciting is that?

So I stalked, I mean visited her website everyday. Thinking perhaps it would be the day a little baby in a Noro hat would smile back at me.

But not yet.

Is there a saying that says "Patience has it's own reward" or something like that???

On Christmas Day Blu Domain ( a designer of websites for photographers) promised to debut the new Audrey Woulard website.

I have a coupon for a discount and was waiting to see if I liked it. Perhaps I would use the Audrey for my professional photography business website.

But Christmas came and went and still no debut.

Yesterday, I checked again. Still no debut.

And then.

Last night.

Blu Domain debuted Audrey's website and what to my wondering eyes should appear on the main page....

But a baby in a lovely Noro hat!

Blu Domain and Audrey and a baby in a Noro hat ......

Encourage one another,

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