Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Happy Are You Poor by Thomas Dubay

This is a meaty book. A lot of ideas worth chewing on.
I am still digesting the first few chapters.

"A person who like Saint Augustine is panting after his Maker
cannot long keep his light hidden even if he tries.
If silent love in burning within, there will appear a disinterest in material things without.
People will know that this man is interested in people, not in himself.
They see the authenticity with their own eyes.

Men on fire are sparks in the stubble."


I listened to Cyndi and Deacon Tim's podcast yesterday about Mary.
It is a wonderful podcast.
Deacon Tim and Cyndi explain that Catholics don't worship Mary and they share some pretty special Biblical background about her.

Two Edge Talk


The mittens have been unraveled. I think the needles i was using were too big. I have a pair of handknit mittens that are nice and tight and I wanted to accomplish this with the Robin's Egg mittens too. So I unraveled them. But then I couldn't find smaller needles....so I ran to the yarn shop and bought some new size 2 needles.

While I was there I bought some yarn for a little hat.

And well....I had to start knitting that instead.

And then this yarn. This is Tammy's fault.


She whispered the words Malabrigo in my ear and the rest is history.

I couldn't resist those colors yesterday....here is what it looks like outside.

A yiddle bit dull.


For those effected by the terrible ice storms.
For wisdom.


Nothing worth mentioning.


Too much.

What are you doing?

Encourage one another,

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