Saturday, December 08, 2007

Hi friends,

I just got finished with editing some pics to show of our little jaunt to the capitol.

A friend from Flickr sent me some free Presets and I had fun fiddling with those.

The pictures are basically....imperfect and blurry....

but I know you love me and know I can do better...but

they are fun pictures none the less...and let's just pretend that Katie took the pictures.

Cause she could have done as well :o)

The singing was quite fine and clear this year!
One song had a violin and recorder and piano....and it sounded spectacular in the beautiful, marble filled building!

Burr....four degrees

Colorful Mosaic

Joy Choir

I wanted this one to turn out soooo much....
Can't always get what you want.

Cute and blurry.

Wild and blurry.

When we came home I cooked up a big pot of potato soup.

We will head out to dinner tonight...

Quaker State, as I am fond of calling it.

That should be fun :o)


Wishing you a great night with the ones you love.

Encourage one another,

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