Monday, December 03, 2007

Hubby's Cookies

Someone's been baking....

Katie, Emma and I went to see Enchanted yesterday afternoon.

What a funny, sweet and clever movie.

Watching that trailer makes me want to see it again.
Now, that's saying something.

I have to tell you something really weird that kept happening....never before in my movie viewing life have I seen such lack of continuity ....with someone's hair.

Patrick Dempsey's hair had a life if it's own. I couldn't stop watching it change styles from one frame to the next!

Isn't that someone's job?

It is. I know it is.

Someone should look at his hair when the scene is finished and put it back the same way at the end....

Right part, left part, flat, fluffy, was wild!

But the movie was wonderful...really....
and Emma didn't even notice.

So there.


Tammy (knitting and television watching Tammy :o) is wondering what she will watch now that House has gone into reruns.

The Amazing Race is still on.

Are you watching? I am losing steam on that one....but I do love the quiet grandpa and his tall gangly grandson.

Brothers and Sisters has excellent writing if you can put up with some unsavory story lines.

Last night Ken Olin made a hairy appearance. Surprise, surprise, surprise!
(Ken Olin is from 30 something)

And Danny Glover is on the show. I hope he and Sally Field get together.
Danny Glover on television. I love that.
He's fine.

The writers give Sally Field the most wonderful lines on Brothers and Sisters....and if I was like Lynn, I could recite them to you...but I'm not...and have forgotten everything but the tears the words induced :o)

It's good. (The show...not my memory)


I am going to start Christmas shopping today.
I will start with internet and telephone orders.
I am going to do it.
I am.
Oh yes, I am.

I think I can, I think I can.....


One last bit of business...

I am knitting Katie a pair of mittens.
Look at this pretty yarn.


What do you think it is called?

Encourage one another,

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