Friday, December 28, 2007

Friday's Feast

Name 2 things you would like to accomplish in 2008.

With which cartoon character do you share personality traits?

What time of day (or night) were you born?

Main Course
Tell us something special about your hometown.

If you could receive a letter from anyone in the world, who would you want to get one from?

Some good questions there.

I share many character traits with Winnie the Pooh.

Friendly, chubby, humble.

Me and Pooh.


Project Katie

Project Katie

I just don't fight it folks.

And sometimes she puts something together that I happen to think is adorable.

Tell me she isn't rockin' those boots with the tights and little mini skirt.

I just had to smile....and take a picture.

Both of my girls have their own styles.

I just check for modesty and suggest nylons.


And one more thing on the photography business homefront.

Blu Domain had a crazy sale on the Audrey template yesterday. So I bought it.

I think they are super swamped so it may be a while. But I'll let you know how it goes with the whole web design thang.

Are you sure all this learning is good for the brain?

I don't want to hurt myself.


Katie the Schoolgirl


If Patrick and I were to go to a movie this weekend....what should we see?

Don't forget the Feast, baby!

Encourage one another,

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