Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Homeschool Blog Awards

What a surprise....I am nominated for a blog award.

My blog is listed in Best Artistic Content Award.

If you think my blog is nice and purdy,
you can go and vote for me.

I think the voting is open until the 15th...
Just so you know :o)

Our blog friend, Tammy ~@~ is nominated for two.
Stop my her blog to meet her and then you can vote for her too!

Tammy's blog


Do you want to be inspired, cheered, amazed?
Do you want to see really fun and clever Christmas cards?

You will not be disappointed!!!

Go here Christmas Cards by Harris Welles

HT to Jessica Claire


One ring-a-dingy
Two ring-a-dingy.....

Katie and I will be ringing the bells for the Salvation Army today.

New experience for both of us.

We will be ringing the bells right inside my favorite grocery store...

Light weights, for sure.

But were are just baby ringers.
Ringing outside in Wisconsin is for the hale and hearty and...nutty.


I didn't get much of the mitten knit yesterday.
Why didn't I take my project to Katie's basketball practice?

Yes, didn't I tell you? Katie has started basketball.

She has wonderful, sweet, parent coaches.

Bless their volunteering hearts.

Katie and I were happy to see the baskets lowered to a reasonable height.
One more practice and then a game....

Wish you were here Matthew...this is right up your alley. :o)


Have any of you purchased anything from Buy.com?

I am considering it but wanted to hear about their integrity first.


M & M
Here is a fun shot of Matthew and Melinda.
They are coming this weekend again for the Packer game.

Burr. Bring warm clothes!!!

Encourage one another,

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