Saturday, December 29, 2007

This and That

Yesterday, thoughtful reader Linda, emailed and offered Patrick and I tickets to a Badgers Hockey game.

I have always wanted to go to a Badgers Hockey game!

So, yes! Thank you Linda!!!

My husband on the other hand is not too sure about a hockey game.
He has never been to a hockey game.

I have assured him hockey games are a blast.

And much more fun than a Diana Ross concert.

(Which he went to with me when we were dating.)

You can all laugh now.


Dana asked if we had gotten anything handmade for Christmas.

This beautiful handmade set of note cards are from Lynn.

She has a gift for design and packaging.

A perfect little piece of red and white yarn graced that little hole in the bag.

I lost it.

Lynn, come tell us in the comments how you made your design.

There was a hard material and a sharp object involved.


These pretty cards are from Florence Italy.

I bought them in April.

Seems I forgot to show them to you.

So on the Fifth day of Christmas.

I present to you....

Adorable Italian Cards


Again, Dana requested something.
And I aim to please.

"Wherefore art thou food shots?"


Leftovers, Baby!


Earning my wings.
We celebrated Katie's birthday with some of her girlfriends yesterday afternoon.


And if you haven't met Dana yet, you really must go over to meet her,

Dana @ Hidden Art

She blesses me with ideas and comments and cards and love.

So that's all I know.

We had another six inches of snow yesterday and I shoveled my brains out.

Wisconsin is nearing the state record for inches of snow.

You should come and see it :o)

I'll cook a tenderloin.

Encourage one another,

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