Monday, December 31, 2007

First Annual Year in Review :o)
(although I will celebrate four years of blogging tomorrow)


We started out with a lot of snow, sledding and streaking. Remember the streaking. Wasn't that fun?
I streaked for 118 days. I didn't lose weight streaking, but I had wonderful endurance on our trip to Europe.

Here is Emma's Garfeld Goose cast.


February brought talk of awards shows, American Idol and Grey's Anatomy.

And Fine Art Friday was humming along

I cried when I saw this in person.
This and the Pieta made me cry.
Totally different reasons.


On March 4th, I found Ree @ Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. Staci @ Writing and Living was celebrating her birthday and she blogged about Ree's Chocolate Sheet Cake. I followed the link, as I do all the time, and I found the most wonderful surprise. The cake, it was good.
But Ree, she is remarkable.

Her pictures and witty, silly dialog drew me in. (Like I know she draws everyone in)

Because of her, I decided to get a camera instead of a dog.

And that's the truth.

So thank you Staci.
And thank you P-dub.
And thank you, hubby, for the camera.

Matthew asked Melinda to marry him in March!!!!

I planned and prepared for our trip to Paris, Florence and Rome.

First picture with the D80.


Oh la la.

April was a month to remember.

For all my life....I will remember April in Paris.

Just go click on the archives and go to April.


Oh my.

May brought wonderful warm weather and green grass.

Prom and graduation and bike riding and pictures.
prom fun

AND painting. Lynn helped me paint our family room!

(p.s. The family room always looks like this. Doesn't it Amy and Lynn?)


Matthew and Melinda get married in June.

Now that was fast planning, Melinda!!!

This is another month that is so full of pictures and fabulous blogging.

I'm sorry. You will have to go and read all about June in the archives :o)

What else do you have to do today?

And don't tell me your New Years Resolution is to spend less time on blogs!!!


Emma left for a mission trip in July!


And I signed up for Flickr. (This is where I found the tool to make these mosaics :o)

(I love the Flickr community! Amazing photographers and lovely, generous people to meet :o)

Katie played baseball and swam and played with her friends.
We went to pie baking contests, the Greek picnic and the famers market.

I tagged along taking pictures at every turn.


In August I wrote an About Me page for the blog.
Took a ton of pictures and generally goofed around.

good show
I won a blog award.
And tried to make you laugh.

(Okay....I am losing steam. I have been doing this blog for over two hours. Mercy me)


You all make September a record breaking month.
You gave me 168 comments on my 50th.
Thank you and bless your sweet hearts.

The Packers gave my husband something to do on Sunday's....and started the Superbowl run.
I predicted it. And I was right. So far.
It's all there on the blog.

I also predicted that Helio would win Dancing with the Stars.

Too bad I don't get paid for this stuff.

Photoshoots came my way...

Yes. All girls in Wisconsin are this beautiful.


Nancy picked me up and took me to a big birthday bash in Missiouri.

Happy, happy, joy, joy.

And then this happened.

And I took this picture.
20071029_0886 copy


Foto Booth Fun

Thanksgiving and family and laughter.
That is November.


Thank you Lord, for December.

It is the end of the year.

It has Christmas, and snow and love!


Happy New Year!!!!

You all bless me.

Every single day.

Encourage one another,

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