Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Welcome to our World

New Friend
Katie's birthday is fast approaching.
A gift came in the mail for her yesterday afternoon.
Her first Webkinz.
She named her beagle, Boston.

Thank you Aunt Sue for the perfect gift!


We also made a trip to the beautician.
Can you believe, five inches cut off!?
It looks so much healthier and prettier.
I hope it doesn't mat as much!

That's my Christmas wish :o) Not.


Here is an artsy, fartsy picture of the tree. It is a fine, pretty tree.
Patrick and Katie went to get it on Saturday and the girls and I decorated it on Sunday.

You may notice, I have misplaced the tree skirt.

I have also misplaced the Nativity.

Do you suppose they are together?

German Angel

Here is one of the first ornaments I ever bought for myself.

This little choir angel is from Germany. I really like that little choir angel.


And to balance out this post about stuff.
Here is a video of my favorite Chirstmas song.

Lynn's brother sang it for Christmas last year.

Welcome to our World by Chris Rice.

Perfect Son of God.
Perfect Son of God.

I am exceedingly thankful for God's gift to us.
His Perfect Son.

Encourage one another,

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