Saturday, July 10, 2010

I don't know exactly what year Pauline came to us.
I do remember Cindy was the baby.
It must have been around 1962.

She came on a bus from downtown Chicago.
The South Side.

The bus dropped Pauline off at the corner of Butterfield and Prospect.
Pauline then walked to our house a few blocks down Prospect.
She walked down the street in her white maid's uniform,
headed to our house to help our mom with the laundry.

She did laundry all day every day.
Ironing in the afternoons.
Sprinkling and rolling and ironing.

I liked watching this.
Dad's rolled up t-shirts and the flicking of her dripping hand.

But on the way to our house, Pauline would pass by the Irving's house.
The children knew of Pauline's routine.
They would wait for her.
Wait for her and her sugar free candy.

Hard candy from Walgreens.

Cindy loved Pauline the most I think.
Pauline loved Cindy the most, I know.

At the end of the day, mom would drive Pauline to the corner to pick
up the bus. (when she finally got her drivers license!)

They must not have waited for the bus because
Cindy always thought our mom was dropping her off at her house.


"There's Pauline's house!" I cheered and we turned onto Prospect last Saturday.

Happy, funny memories we share.
That has to be one of the very best things about families.

Encourage one another,

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