Thursday, July 15, 2010


Katie and Carrie are attending Hoofbeat Ridge this week.

When we got home yesterday afternoon they had a
bomb pop, cooled off in the house for ten minutes and then went outside to run thru the sprinkler.

Run thru, stand in, wiggle around and dance about is more like it.

They had hot dogs for dinner and Oreo's with milk for dessert.

After dinner there was art on the driveway and dress up in Emma's brides maid dresses.

It was the perfect day for a ten year old girl.

And a ten year old's mom.


Photography editing:my style.

The straight forward editing I do (like the picture above) is what comes naturally to me.

I admire the beautiful dreamy look that one can achieve...
but lots of times my subjects are not acting dreamy and I don't think it fits.

Did you ever think about that?

Unless the photo has a certain quality, dreamy editing doesn't fit.


Here is Carrie again.

Straight forward editing. If any.

DSC_1741-2 copybl

Do you like this one better?
The colors are pretty and festive.

I like it.

Which do you prefer? I won't be offended.

Original or Colorful edit?

(I used Totally Rad POS and Eye Candy something)


I wanted to share the before and after of this picture too.


I was asked what I did to make this one so colorful.

Actually, it was the opposite.

I needed to tone down the pink face so I desaturated the red in her face
and sharpened.


The sun, her green shirt and red hair supplied the color.
And the fact that my camera is always set on vivid.
That definitely adds some umph.


Today I am meeting a long time friend from The Well Trained Mind boards again!
(Carol B. is a beautiful person and writer. She leaves fantastic comments in the QLCS. I'm sure you recognize her name.)

You may call me delighted and blessed.

We have never met in person and we spoke on the phone for the first time yesterday.
We recalled the moment in Julie and Julia when Julia and her pen pal, Avis, met for the first time.

We can perfectly relate to that scene.
Today we will live it.
In Rockford.
Not quite, Paris.

But who will even notice???

Carol @ Magistramater

If you love reading and music, family and a taste of a lovely, graceful life....visit Carol!


So you think you can dance was great last night.

Here was my favorite dance.

That just makes me so Hap-pppy!!!

Have a GREAT Thursday!

I want to put on my Boogie Shoes!


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