Monday, July 12, 2010

(Sweet Caroline)

Patrick, Katie and I dashed up to Minocqua for a quick visit with Nancy and her family.

On Friday I realized that the weekend was OPEN. Very rare around here lately.
So I called and asked if we could drop on by :o)

I've never, since I've been married (30 years in Nov.)
lived in the same town area as any of my siblings....
oh how I would love to just drop on by...

But. We just went.
And enjoyed every minute of our visit.

After fighting and losing with the Sea Doo for about two hours, Carrie told Katie about tubing.

I went along as the spotter.
And photographer.

Oh my gosh. We laughed so hard at Katie bouncing around in that inner tube.


Katie just LOVED it.


When we came up to the house for a towel,
Nancy had a few towels folded and waiting on a bench for
Katie to choose from.

She is a pretty smart gal, that Nancy.
She knew just which towel Katie would choose.


Thank you for the wonderful visit!

Love you.
Mean it!


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