Saturday, July 31, 2010

Style and Substance

I know very little about fashion.
You know I love the pretty dresses and I certainly have my opinions....
but I don't spend very much time in stores. It saves money.

Really. If you want to save money. Stop going to stores.

That is my budgeting tip for the day.

But if you are a jogger or know a runner and you want to see the cutest new thing around....


The jogging skirt!

Have you heard of these? I hadn't until Emma showed me this one.

Yesterday she walked into the room with this darling outfit on and I said how cute she looked...
and then I realized she was going run-ning.



The running skirt.

The skun.
The skog.

Oh. Nevermind.

All I do know is that it's very cute and must be comfy.


I started a new book. It is called The Year of LIving Biblically by A.J. Jacobs.
It's amusing and interesting.

I like his humorous observations:

"I still read the Bible itself, taking it with me wherever I go. That Bible salesman was right-
I should have gotten the version of the Scriptures that's camouflaged as a teen magazine. When I read my Bible on the subway,
I can feel the hostility emanating from the secular commuters. They look at me with their lips taut and faces tense, like they expect me to tackle them at any moment and forcibly baptize them."

Jacobs visited an Amish family and shared this;

"Amos talks slowly and carefully, like he only has a few dozen sentences allotted for the weekend, and
he doesn't want to waste them at the start. I read later in the Amish book Rules of a Godly Life that you should
"let your words be thoughtful, few, and true." By adopting minimalism, Amos has mastered those speech laws I'm struggling with."

"Let your words be thoughtful, few, and true."

I must work on that.
The few part especially.

Andy, one of Jacob's spiritual advisers suggests that he read the Prophets.

"Try to make everything you do measure up to the moral standard of the prophets,"Andy told me. "Remember
what Micah said. He said that the animal sacrifices weren't important. The important thing is to 'Do justice. And to love mercy. And to walk humbly with your God.'"

I love that verse.
Micah's words are thoughtful, few and true.

And they are good ones to take to heart.

We are home, without company and Katie is still sleeping.

I write in the quiet and I feel good to be able to pass along something
of substance today.

Good and true words.

With a little jogging skirt thrown in.

Cause I'm just nutty like that.

Encourage one another,

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