Tuesday, July 06, 2010


On Sunday, we went looking for the Weinermobile,
and all we found was the sign at the OM plant.


And Cindy's hair stuck to her gloss.

Don't you hate when that happens?

(Cindy, How's that for a big face shot?)


In Elmhurst the sidewalks are stamped.

I swear we called out Stinkfish if you stepped on a square with the stamp.


We moved from Elmhurst to Wheaton in 1967ish.
They made new sidewalks since we left.

I am as old as the hills.

We took a quick walk around our old neighborhood.

Cindy wanted to sit on the steps.

Please excuse the cinematography.
I thought the phone would do that auto turn thing it does.
But it didn't.

I still love this anyway.

You may need Dramamine to watch.

Do you ever get a chance to visit your old neighborhood,
the neighborhood where you grew up?

We had such a fun time in Elmhurst.

Love ya,

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