Friday, July 23, 2010

Rabbit Trails....

Oh Joy!

I do not visit this blog every day, but every time I do,
I go off on a rabbit trail.

This morning I spotted this article:

Enjoy Cupcakes feature

Wait till you see the Shasta trailer that is used for catering.
The pictures taken by Jose Villa are perfection.
The colors and feeling make me want to live in those pictures....

Enjoy Cupcakes Website

And then there is Apartment Therapy.
It overflows with articles on interesting, varied, beautifully designed and decorated spaces.

Apartment Therapy

which lead me to this....

Wisconsin Cottage

surely we could afford a cottage that measured 10 x 10 :o)

And just this week....

I hit the MOTHER LODE....


Yup. It's a blog dedicated to showing houses of the famous that are on the market or just sold.

Rachel Ashwell of Shabby Chic sold her place to the gal from Fraiser.

Go see. It is perfection.

Shabby Chic pad for Peri Glipin

So there you go....

Pretty, pretties for your eyes.
Hope you liked seeing the rabbit trails I travel down.

Please feel free to share the places you go that bring you some extra joy and fun during the day.


I hate the look of a post without a picture.

So there ya go.

Encourage one another,

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