Friday, July 30, 2010

Sneak Peek


I like to say, beauty actually is all around...

cause it reminds me of the ending to love actually and that makes me happy.


On Wednesday when I shot this session, I fell in love with the sweetness of these two children.


You can tell by the pictures that they really like one another and get along so nicely.


And their new puppy...he was so mellow and such a good boy!!!


I want one just like him.



What a delightful family! Thank you for choosing me.



Yesterday I received a little package from Maryland.
It was from Angie and Jessie, two darling girls who came to my last workshop. While they were here they learned, along with other more important things, that I need help in the marketing dept.

(A woman approached us while down at the capital and asked for a business card and I did not have one with me.)


They spotted this at the store...


Now I have the cutest card holder to hold my darling biz cards.

I am all set.

Thanks Jessica and Angie! I love it!

I may even change my whole color scheme to match this fabric. It's gorgeous!!!
I love those bluebirds.

Bluebirds of happiness.


Better get going.

It is the end of the week again. Where did it go???
Five weeks until Asher is due.

Oh my gosh.

Did this week go just as fast for you, Melinda, as it did for me?

Is anyone else watching Bethanny Getting Married?

I think it is the funniest, sweetest reality show on television.

Really gotta go.

Love ya like a friend,

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