Monday, July 26, 2010

The tie-dyed onesies.

If you watched the talkie blog you know that we tie-died onesies at Melinda's shower on
Saturday. My sister-in-laws were the hostesses. I know one of my sister's in law doesn't want
to be pictured on the I will respect her wishes...but then I forgot to ask the other's if they mind...

thus this will be a post without the lovely hostesses pictures.

I can tell you they they have big wonderful hearts and love family very much!
They are generous and thoughtful and fun!

I love this about them.

They are all so cute, too. You should see em! :o)


Melinda's parents came all the way from Omaha for the shower too!

So much fun to have them here at our house for a little bit. They have never been here.
I took them down to Paoli for some cheese curds real quick before the shower. They liked it very much and I know
Carol wished she could have gone into the other little shops. But we were on a tight schedule.

Matthew, Patrick and Steve bummed around Madison while we showered away.
They even got to go on the field at camp Randall. Pretty cool.


The onesies turned out really cute.

Except for mine. Tie-dye Fail.

I'm not kidding.


Other things we did with Matthew and Melinda.

Went to the union and watched the sun set.
(Ice cream and Spotted Cow were consumed by some)
Went to Greek Fest.
(Where we ate gyros, chicken and Greek salad)


Then I took this picture of Katie.


We call it:


Happy Monday dear friends!

Encourage one another,

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