Friday, July 02, 2010

It's been a busy week around here.

Lots of photography, lots of teaching, lots of family,
lots of grocery shopping.

All such good things.

Today I get to meet a friend who has been there for me
in a way I can hardly fathom.

(She is a caller. Me. Not so much.)

She is my big sister, my Jewish mother, she is my shoulder.

(She is also a mom to many and a devoted wife.)

She calls with medical advice, spiritual and parenting encouragement.

When I went to Missouri to see Suzy right after her diagnosis,
Linda sent me a letter of support. In that letter she wrote The Hail Mary for me.
My Jewish friend wrote out the whole Hail Mary for me.
Linda feels a connection to Mary as a Jewish Momma herself. :o)

So I get to hug her in person. We will walk and talk and look into one another's eyes.
I am so thankful that God gave me this
lovely woman as a friend.

My friend from the lovely state of North Dakota.
Sister of my heart!

See you soon Linda!


I won't be able to blog tomorrow because I am headed to a funeral/memorial service
for my lovely, brilliant, Aunt Sunny.

Cindy and I are going together to show our support to Richard and Paul and Karen, Sunny's surviving children.

I loved Aunt Sunny very much.

She was my tutor for Spanish when I was in middle school.
She was the smart Aunty! She had gone to college.
She had red hair.

We lived near one another when Patrick was a baby. How I loved going over to visit.
She was always gracious and generous and smart and loving.

She passed away from lung cancer but she was at peace.

I never talked with someone who was so at peace with moving on.
She was ready to go. Ready to see her boys who had died before her.

She didn't have a care for herself.
She spoke of love and family.

She was a beautiful person.

Her family will miss her so much. I will too.


Then Cindy is coming to Wisconsin for a few days to party like we know how to do around here.


UW Memorial Union.

She insists that I sit on the big orange chair with her this year.

We shall see about that.

See you and your beautiful mug soon Cindy Lou!

Have a safe and happy weekend!!!

Encourage one another,

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