Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Acting Out

~Katie is the wolf

I received this wonderful rendition of Peter and the Wolf for Christmas this year!
Katie danced, skipped, twirled and crawled through the entire score, twice.

I have wonderful memories of this particular version of Peter and the Wolf.
I don't remember acting it out like Katie does. (If I did anything...I skipped in a circle.) But I do remember rocking in the rocking chair while listening.

I loved to rock when I was a little girl. I did it a lot.
I even rocked in high school. We always had a comfortable rocker in the house and LLoyd/Flanders bouncy chairs around the pool. In these chairs, I could be found, rocking and rocking and rocking. It must have comforted me. Hey, it beats drugs.

People were saying "You Rock" to me long before it was a saying :o)

Back to Peter and the Wolf.

If you haven't listened to this piece, you really must see if you can get it from the library. It's very wonderful.

Did you receive any music for Christmas?

Encourage one another,

P.S. I tried a glider rocker once...it was quite lovely too.

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