Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Have you ever thought of moving to Wisconsin and living on solar power?
Well....let me tell you...forget about it!
You would freeze to death!

Here is a sight unseen for three weeks around here. The weatherman promises that the sun will shine all day today. I hope he is right :o)

I want to open all the shades and warm the house, naturally.

Stay, Mr. Sun. Stay all day.

Here is a picture of Matthew and Melinda

Cute, huh?

They are both back in Omaha now. Melinda has started a new job at a pre-school and Matthew went back to Omaha a week early to earn money. I sent the Echinacea and Astragulas with him and can only hope he doesn't push himself. ( Keep resting Matthew....and drinking! Sorry you forgot your fan and your football. bummer)

So we are back to our usual routine. Homeschooling, blogging, budgeting....

Thank you for your comments yesterday. I see four names I do not recognize! Thank you for taking the time to say hello! And everyone else...thanks for being your friendly, uninhibited selves!

It's De-lurking week. So let the fun continue!

Encourage one another,

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