Saturday, January 28, 2006

Hey there!

So many fun comments!
Thank you!

Now why do you think yesterday had so many comments?

I'll tell you what my husband said.
"There were only two questions to answer. It's not too hard to answer two questions."

I think that is a big reason, don't you? Sometimes it is hard to find time to answer five questions....or to read a long entry.

Whatever it was, it was fun :o)

But speaking of long.....

I finished The Count of Monte Cristo.

At page 800 I thought I was wasting my time. The 50 page rule kicked in, in my mind. But I wanted to finish. I had invested too much time not to finish.

And well...the last 500 pages were worth it. And not because The Count's revenge is complete. It is worth it when the Count is shaken out of his state of numbness...and he begins to think about the actions he has taken. And it is this thinking...this soul searching that I was longing for in the whole book.

For me, when the Count is redeemed, the whole book is redeemed.

And there you have the world's shortest review of the longest book :o)

And for my dear friend, Lynn...

Happy, Happy Birthday!
May all your birthday wishes come true :o)

Encourage one another,

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