Friday, January 06, 2006

Friday Feast

Have you ever seen a ghost or an angel?

What is your favorite board game?

What was the last movie you saw that made you cry?

Main Course
What would you do if you had 3 months off from your job?

What kind of shoes are you wearing today?

I cried a little during Cinderella Man when Mae Braddock said;

"Maybe I understand, some, about having to fight.
So you just remember who you are... you're the Bulldog of Bergen, and the Pride of New Jersey, you're everybody's hope, and the kid's hero, and you are the champion of my heart, James J. Braddock."

and then when Mae went to church to pray for her husband before the big fight...

(I won't spoil it. It's a special scene.)

Katie asked me to write Jesus on a plain piece of paper yesterday morning. She took the piece of paper and returned five minutes later with this adorable snowman and a sentence constructed all by herself.

I will be putting this in a very safe place!

Encourage one another,

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