Thursday, January 26, 2006

Carl Larsson

Each morning I approach the computer.
Sometimes with an idea. Sometimes not.

This morning no words came.
But an artist came to mind.

It was a Carl Larsson morning.

This silent cool morning made me think of Carl Larsson.

So I chose this painting for the peaceful family working together.

And then I blew it up in size....and noticed the mural on the wall and the interesting cactus.

Look at that mural. Very interesting.

This family has more range than first meets the eye.

The simple life is not necessarily comprised of simpletons.

No, indeed, it is not.

Perhaps the simple life lets one look at all things more closely.

The simple life, the quiet life, gives a thinker, time to think, perhaps...

Who knows what one might discover in the quiet....

Encourage one another,

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