Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Here is what I learned this weekend.

I learned that if you fight (bicker, argue, talk loudly with angry voices) in front of your children, it doesn't matter to the children (or anyone else for that matter)....why you are arguing or who started it.
All they hear are unpleasant words and tones.
And they feel those bad feelings.

They don't care if you are right and the other is wrong
They don't care if you have been wronged.
They don't care if you are defending yourself.

Once you join in the fight. You are fighting. bickering. argring.

So it is possible to deceive yourself into thinking that you are not the contentious one.

Very possible.

and for a very long time.

Perhaps this sounds like someone you know.
Perhaps not.

I hope not.

For it is very unpleasant thing to realize about oneself.

Being right isn't so great when it comes at the cost of a peaceful home and tender little hearts.

Nor is defending yourself worth those two precious things.

It's what I learned on my Christmas vacation.

I am thankful that every day is a new day.

To try again.

To learn anew.

Little messages, left by tender hearts,
messages of hope.

Encourage one another...to start anew,

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