Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A little talk about Diarrhea and sugar free gum.

Katie had diarrhea for the first time in her life this weekend. (Don't tell her I told you) It was just one episode and came totally out of the blue. She was feeling completely well.

I could hear her whimpering in the bathroom. She was a little frightened by what was happening. I assured her that she would be just fine...and told her that she had diarrhea.

I immediately reviewed her day's diet. Nothing unusual.
Ah...but could it be....the sugar free gum?

You see, Katie eats gum like a crazy lady. When she has a package. She gobbles it up. Lots of pieces at a time! She finishes it very quickly.

Now why would I suspect sugar free gum?

Well, when we were children we had a maid. Her name was Pauline and she was diabetic.
Pauline always had sugar-free candies. I remember always wanting them...
But I also remember my mother telling me that too many sugar free candies could give you diarrhea!

So my dear mother's words came back to me Saturday afternoon.

Katie, had indeed, eaten nine of the twelve pieces of gum in just two hours.
I didn't let her have any more gum and she did not have any more episodes.

Today, I googled diarrhea and sugar-free gum.
And it seems to be true that the chemicals in sugar-free gum can cause diarrhea!

Jackson Gastro

Yale-New Haven Hospital

Did you know this?
Is it common knowledge?

I'm glad to know.
And from now on...I will be the Gum Police.

All better :o)

Encourage one another,

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