Monday, January 30, 2006

Monday Morning Prayer

~John Baillie
A Diary of Private Prayer

Almighty God, who of Thine infinite wisdom hast ordained that I should live my life within these narrow bounds of time and circumstance, let me now go forth into the world with a brave and trustful heart. It has pleased Thee to withhold from me a perfect knowledge; therefore deny me not the grace of faith by which I may lay hold of things unseen. Thou hast given me little power to mould things to my own desire; therefore use Thine own omnipotence to bring Thy desires to pass within me. Thou hast willed it that through labour and pain I should walk the upward way; be Thou then my fellow traveller as I go.

Let me face what Thou dost send with the strength Thou does supply:

When Thou prosperest my undertakings,
let me give heed that Thy word may prosper in my heart:

When Thou callest me to go through the dark valley,
let me not persuade myself that I know a way round:

Let me not refuse any opportunity of service which may offer itself to-day,
nor fall prey to any temptation that may lie in wait for me:

Let not the sins of yesterday be repeated in the life of to-day,
nor the life of to-day set any evil example to the life of to-morrow.


Jean-Jacques Henner (French, 1829–1905)

I like Baillie's prayers because he has a clear understanding of who God is.
He sees God as Mighty...and he sees Him as a God who cares and travels with him.

I also like the reverence and quiet of Baillie's prayers.
They point me in the right direction.
Always to God.

Encourage one another,

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