Thursday, January 19, 2006

You all make this blogging thing so much fun!
I still need some answers to the movie quotes you listed.
Emma helped me with the Napoleon D and Elf quotes. I have not seen Elf, but Emma seems to think it is very funny and cute.

Will Ferrell is so over the top I usually can't stand him.

I did, however, adore him as a cheerleader....and he is a fabulous Alec Trebek.
I don't know who told him over-the-top was the way to go?

Probably Robin Williams.


Yesterday was quite full.

Sign Language with the high school girls went well. I tried to spend more time on conversation. Between the three of them, they could decipher almost everything I signed. It was so funny how they bounced around with the replies. If Emma didn't, know a word, Kathryn or Emily were right there with the answer...and visa-versa.

They better be together if they run into a deaf person :o) *chuckle, chuckle*

Then, last night was Parent-night pancake dinner at Awana. Katie was very proud to have me come along with her. It was very good to see how the night is run, from beginning to end.

Katie's leader is gentle and patient.

The parent's participated in the games with the children. We chased and gathered thrown Superballs. (Just for the sake of running and gathering) The kids love this game. One of Jeaneen's children said to her. "Mom! I didn't know you could run!"

Funny, the things our kids have never seen us do...ah....youth.

Like tap dance....

Well...that's another story.

Have a great day!

Encourage one another,

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