Saturday, January 14, 2006

Good Morning!


Sign Language class was wonderful. Both classes are full of children who are there to learn! What a delight! They are attentive and learned quickly, in fact, that I had to scramble and add more to the second class.

And my worries about nursery rhymes being to babyish for the older boys....

After going over Little Miss Muffet twice...One of the older boys raised his hand and asked if they could try it by themselves! It was soooo great!

I am going to try to think of some interactive games the kids can play...a kind of fact gathering they can do by only using sign language....
Emma thought a version of hang-man might be fun.

Any ideas?

Hello, Gorgeous!

The hard to come by Knitterly Things Neapolitan.
Size One needles over 72 stitches.

An absolute delight to knit with. Absolutely!

And yes, that is my tree...still up....
It is not dropping any needles and is so small I don't feel cramped by it...and, well, the box is in the basement and I can't seem to remember to bring it upstairs.

I am such a middle child it is scary. If someone brought that box upstairs...I would, no doubt, fill it...but being the person who has to take the initiative and get the box....well that is just beyond me, I guess. That is the job for a first born. Don't ya know!

How many excuses can you count in the above two paragraphs?

he he he

I suppose today will be the day.
I don't have a thing planned.

Must. Get. Box.

I am so lame!

Have a great weekend!

Encourage one another,

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