Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Okay, so I watched American Idol last night....

And, oh, I wish I could remember the young gals name cause....she gave me chills.

Paris Bennett.

Super Sleuth Donna just found her name.

Remember it. She is going a long, long way.

(Besides the voice, she is a darling girl, too...and her grandmother is a Grammy award winner.)

The judges actually asked her to sing a second song because she sang the first song so beautifully.

I think Simon said, "Where have you been hiding?"

It was a great American Idol moment...

I actually hate to watch all the goofy folks (and was able to read 50 pages of The Count of Monte Cristo during the show)....cause why do I want to watch a bunch of people who just want to be on tv and can't sing to save their lives?
I don't know. But lots of folks like that aspect of the show.

But, if Paris Bennett sticks I know she will...this will be a fine season of The American Idol.

I love to root for somebody...anybody.

A comedian once said that in sports nowadays...ya root for the jersey.
The players and coaches change so often...that ya root for the jersey.

And I see the truth in that. The men in this house will always root for the Packer jersey. Always.

Not me. Gimme one player to love or admire...I root for the guy.
The guy with the story.
The guy with the heart.

As with American Idol.
I got a girl to root for.
A little sweetheart of a girl...
with a voice.

You might just have to start watching to see if I am right about this now :o)

Encourage one another,

I think this may be the first American Idol post in two years.
Full of surprises, huh?

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