Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A Quiet Life Word Cloud

Create your own

Hat tip to Mental multivitamin

That was fun to do.
If you create one and want to save it...save the image to your computer before you go to the create a t-shirt page. Then you can just exit without purchasing a t-shirt.

You can change the words on your word cloud....I thought about changing diarrhea, but decided that that word represented a post that was very special to me.
Why would that post be special?...well...it was the comments that were special.

Especially this one;

Quite honestly, you are the only blogger whose story about, well, diarrhea would generate eighteen thoroughly pleasant, nay, supportive and kind messages.

Heh, heh, heh.


I loved that. Thanks :o)

Here is the article in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. What a thrill to be in a magazine!
The author of the article wrote such kind things...well...I think I can just die now and use this piece as my obit!
Thank you, Spunky, for writing such a positive article about blogging! (and me :o)

A quick Question of the Day

If you were to issue a new postage stamp, who or what would you put on it?

Encourage one another,

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