Saturday, January 21, 2006

....honestly, do you feel like you do enough? Do you feel pressured to do more? Do you think you do too much?

Jen Ig is wondering...

Here was my reply;

I live in the comfy state of denial about this issue.

As long as I am loving God (and I mean loving Him by obeying Him), loving my husband and loving my children.....anything after that is gravy.

And really I know that you, like me, don't sit around and give ourselves credit....where credit is due....

The house is clean (albeit stinky from time to time :o), there is food to be eaten,
clean clothes, and jobs that are completed, socks are knit....relationships are nurtured and folks are encouraged.

Oh yea. Children are educated too :o)

That's a truckload of stuff.

Perhaps because we love it so doesn't feel like we are doing much.
It's not big and flashy. It's life as we know it.

And I think I better stop thinking of myself as too!


But....speaking of Big and Flashy. I hear that I am in a magazine.

The Old Schoolhouse magazine is featuring homeschool bloggers this edition.
Go and see the cover.

Can you believe my name is mentioned in the same magazine with Susan Wise Bauer.

Well...that is just surreal.

I will be going to Barnes and Noble today to see if they have the magazine!

How exciting!

Now...all y'all can guess if I am able to purchase the magazine without showing the check out person that I am in the magazine.

I have a habit of being friendly to check out people (it runs in the family)
Will I be able to hold in the excitement???

Stay tuned!

Have you been in a magazine? What for?

Encourage one another,

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