Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Alert reader and friend Stephanie sent me this link a day or two ago.

She knew I would enjoy the vocabulary game, and I think you will like it too.

And there is a bonus feature to expanding your word power, this group is sending rice around the world!

Check out their FAQ when you go over to play to see if it is something you can have fun with and help with.

Now I will be honest.

I will tell you my typical score so you can try to beat me.

This shant be too hard.

My high has been 40.
I hover around 39 sometimes as low as 37.

But I am not ashamed. The words are big.

he he

Play Here

I can't remember how to make a click on banner to go right to the website.
If you know and want to tell me. Send me an email. Okey dokey.

(My email is on the right side of the page)


The sky was stiped blue and orange this morning.

The first thing I do when I open my eyes every day is look out the window.

It was breathtaking.

Big orange ruby stripes.

In a moment, it started to fade.

It was so striking. I will remember it always.


Hey! We saw two movies last weekend.

Blades of Glory and Holiday.

Blades of Glory was juvenile and goofy. And well, if you have seen it, I just want to say I have never seen my husband laugh harder than he did when the coach showed the video of the Iron Lotus and the woman's head gets chopped off and bounces along the ice.

Like I said juvenile.

I liked Holiday very much.
My sisters and daughter said I would.
And I did.

Chick flick.


Who will go home tonight in DWTS???

It should be Marie or Cameron.


How great was Helio and Juliann?

(When he was wearing the yellow zootsuit)

Did you see that kiss? Was Juliann suppose to fall on the floor that hard?

No matter. It was exciting and fun and technically difficult!


I tried to vote for an hour and only got busy signals.
So I guess that is good. I hope.


Thank you all so much for the fun interaction in the comments.

Getting know you all makes this endeavor such a blessing :o)

Encourage one another,

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