Monday, November 05, 2007

We went to the animal fair....

and it was pretty, um, flakey.

And it wasn't really an animal fair. It was the greater Madison dog fair.

I heard about this event Sunday morning on the news and thought it would be so fun to go and see all the different breeds and to ask questions.

We couldn't go in the morning, church, you know, and the Packers were playing until after three so we would go then.
If I could garner any interest.
Believe it or not, Katie was not interested.

Emma was, however. She has some fierce dog wanting going on.
Me, not as much, but I just love to look at all the pretty pooches.

Well, we drove up to the Alliant center and paid our 5.00 for parking. The man at the booth said it would cost seven dollars each for us to get in. ( I didn't believe him. Besides, it was 3:50, I had a hunch)

We walked right into the room without paying.
This was good.

But the bad news was, the show was mostly about selling stuff to you for your dog.

We don't have a dog. So we were not interested in any of that stuff.

And 60% of the dogs were gone already.

Emma has a soft spot for English bulldogs. There were none to be found, although, we saw French Bulldogs, American Bulldogs and Boxers. We had a nice chat with a young woman from the Wisconsin Bulldog Rescue organization.

It sounds like a good way to go to get a pure breed dog.
Can you imagine almost all of their dogs are found as strays?

I was on the lookout for a cute little Corgi. We saw a big funny looking Corgi, but no cute little Corgi.

Ah well. I still don't think the time is right for a dog in the house.

Some day.

But not quite yet.

Tell us about you dogs.

Breeds, names, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

And if you want, you can tell us about your cat, too.

Happy Monday, friends!

Encourage one another,

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