Thursday, November 29, 2007

Brilliant and Encouraging

Why did I say that???

The red shirt was found on the steps.

Katie was told to take it up to her room about a week ago.

When I woke up this morning, I started looking for it to lay it out with her black pants and black socks and her black shoes.

Everything was found but the red shirt.

Poor girl was awaken by a huffy mommy. At 6:30.

And things got worse and worse.

Finally after tearing apart her room and my room,
we headed down the stairs.

There on the steps, mostly hidden by hubbies folded sweatpants, peeked the red shirt.
(He leaves them on the steps for connivence.)

The shirt hadn't make it all the way up the stairs.

So I shall blame Katie and then my husband.

Because I like to blame him for everything.

He likes that too....NOT.

But see....I blame myself mostly. I am not organized enough and I shouldn't expect a seven year old to keep track of important red shirts, and if I kept a neater house and watched less tv and drank less pop....this would not be happening......

Lost things
Lost things
Where do you go?

Why are you hiding,
when we need you so?

Come out
Come out
or I'll lose my mind.

It's time to go,
and it's you we must find.

Lost things
Lost things
Where do you go?

Why are you hiding,
when we need you so?

There. How's that for brilliance?

So here is my poor little girl.

She forgives me for my rant.

My rant was worse then the losing, don't cha know.

But, she still loves me, even tho I still feel quite unlovable.



The Packers play tonight.

This is a very big game.

The Pack is 10-1 and the Dallas Cowboys are 10-1.

Go Pack Go!

The game is not on regular television. It is being shown on the NFL network.
Milwaukee and Green Bay get to see this game for free as they are considered 'home' markets.
We are not. Although, I happen to think all of Wisconsin is the home market for the Packers.
Patrick will go and watch at work, where they have set up Satellite tv especially for this game.

I will go if I can....but it's not looking too promising.

I enjoy listening on the radio that will be fine.


I need to remember this....

"Thank you, Lord, for the work You have assigned me. I take it as Your gift;
I offer it back to You. With Your help I will do it gladly, faithfully."

Why didn't I start my day with THAT prayer????

Heaven help me.

Encourage one another,

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