Saturday, November 10, 2007


I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a Quiet Life calendar?

I have pictures picked for every month but December.
I have a few ideas tho.

Let me know in the comments if you would be interested.

I think the price would be about $15.00.


How do you clean a stuffed animal?

Katie has a pink poodle that has gotten quite dirty and dingy looking.

Believe it or not, I have never in all my days had to launder a stuffed creature.

Help please :o)


The skin cancer on my back is GONE!

I went to the dermatologist yesterday morning and she said it looked great. All gone.

The Efudex cream worked.


Thank you Lord.

The rest of my skin looked fine....

Except I think I shocked the dear woman with the dryness of my skin.

She encouraged me over and over to use cream.

You may call me Flakey's official.


With a prayer (Love incarnate)
Stuart Townend

WITH A PRAYER You fed the hungry,
With a cry You stilled the storm;
With a look You had compassion
On the desperate and forlorn.
With a touch You healed the leper,
With a shout You raised the dead;
With a word expelled the demons,
With a blessing broke the bread.

Love incarnate, love divine,
Captivate this heart of mine
Till all I do speaks of You.

As a sheep before the shearer
You were silent in Your pain;
You endured humiliation
At the hands of those You’d made.
And as hell unleashed its fury
You were lifted on a tree,
Crying ‘Father God, forgive them,
Place their punishment on Me.’

I will feed the poor and hungry,
I will stand up for the truth;
I will take my cross and follow
To the corners of the earth.
And I ask that You so fill me
With Your peace, Your power, Your breath,
That I never love my life so much
To shrink from facing death.

Stuart Townend
Copyright © 2002 Thankyou Music

Love incarnate,

love divine,


this heart of mine

Till all I do

speaks of You.

That is how it is sung.

I heard this for the first time yesterday.
It has become my new favorite.

Do you sing this song in church?


That's all for now.

Encourage one another,

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