Friday, November 02, 2007

Friday Five


I set my alarm so I could blog before I had to start my busy Friday.
And whouldn't you know, the Friday Feast is not up.

So I will make up my own.

!. What are you reading today?
2. What was the last CD you purchased?
3. What is your favorite drink?
4. How old were you when you got married? Do you recommend it (the age)?
5. Do you wish you had a child/ more children?

Okay. Those are properly nosey.


Fine Art Friday


This is the top of a round table I saw at the D'orsay in Paris.
The base was gold.

Prettiest table ever.


On Grey's Anatomy.

I like and dislike the new surgeon.

I love how she calls McDreamy and McSteamy the pretty boys.

How would you do having heart surgery while awake?

My hubby caught that scene and thought it was terrifying.

Didn't bother me at all.

I think Grey's Anatomy is the opposite of Pride and Prejudice.

Every man is a Wickham. Every woman, a Lydia.

No wonder I like Denny. He was the shows Darcy.

And now that I thik of it, Baiely is the only woman on the show with good charater.

In real life. I didn't and don't know people like the people on Grey's.

Perhaps one or two, skrinkled in....I suppose

I do love medical dramas.

And I hate to turn it off.

But, I sure get tired of watching everyone make poor choices and do foolish things...again and again.....and again.


Halloween Tragedy.

Halloween Tragedy

Before trick or treating, these socks did not have holes in the heels.

After trick or treating, BOTH heels were worn thru!!!
What is that about!

I just can't believe it.

Handknit socks may be beautiful and warm and expensive.....

but they are not sturdy.

It's not like we trick or treated in the Alps, without shoes!

I even had clogs on.

It's a crying shame.

And that's all there is, folks.

I'm off to be a drama coach!


Wish me well.

Looking forward to coming home to lots of comments :o)

Encourage one another,

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