Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I'm off to take my stress test in eight minutes.

I just wanted to let you know why I wasn't posting this morning....

I know you all worry when I'm not here bright and early.

So just think of me all out of breath and red faced with thingys stuck to my body....
that's what I'll be doing this morning.

Why not play "What's Worse Wednesday" .....

What's worse; waiting in a long line or scrubbing the kitchen floor?




Hey! I'm home already! It's 10:30 and I'm home already.

I think I went on the best day ever to do a stress test.
I was in and out in two hour shorter than expected!

I didn't even feel the iv go in.
Which was sweet!

The treadmill wasn't bad at all.

My legs weren't one bit tired but my heart and lungs were working hard by the end.

I did have to take my bra off but got to wear a hospital gown.

So the jiggling wasn't too noticeable....I don't think.

And that's what I worried about, ya know.

The staff (I'll call em staff cause I really don't know titles) said I did well.
That I was tough.

So that's good.

And the talkative woman who did my IV said that even tho they can not tell you results....
if you get to go home...that is a very good sign.

So yay.

I am home and enjoying a refreshing pop :o)

To answer the what's worse...

I really don't like to wait. It brings out the worst in me. Although I was a champ while waiting to see The David in Florence.
We waited for three hours. One woman left after two hours...she couldn't do it. I'll bet she would rather scrub the floor.

But since I scrub the floor on my knees....I kinda hate it.

Do those swiffer things work?

I think I am going to buy one this afternoon.

When I go to the grocery store to buy those forgotten graham crackers.

Happy Day before Thanksgiving.

Traveling mercies to those of you on the road.

Encourage one another,


My Dr. called with results from this mornings stress test.

My heart looks strong and perfect!

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