Wednesday, November 28, 2007

So happy for Helio and Julieanne!

What a tremendous surprise.

I wish the show would announce how close it was, because I just know it must have been super close.

Melb and Maks were wonderful and amazing and I was wishing they would have tied :o)

Oh man! And how about Sabrina's final turn on the dance floor! She showed who really should have won!

( You know there is wonderful chemistry between the couples when you want them all to marry one another.
Yeah. Hopeless romantic.)

Fun times.


Pinky is clean and smells and looks wonderful.
Thank you all for the great stuffed animal cleaning advice.
I just tossed her in the regular wash inside a pillow case!

All clean :o)


I am faltering on the calendar idea.
I uploaded and prepared 10 pictures the other day.
And now I can't remember where I put them or how I did it.

Honestly, when I learn something brand new on the computer, I forget the steps so easily.

And then I am scared the quality won't be very good. Seeing the pictures on the computer screen is very different than printing them off. I have not been 100% satisfied yet.
Oh the stress. I don't know if it's worth it.
I would just die if the pictures were too light or off.

So I will try one more time today to figure it out...and see if I am willing to take the chance.

Plus, Ree has a calendar out that looks really nice and deluxe and the price is right......


Sunset November

We had a really amazing sunset last night.
No photoshop necessary!
Or should I say yesterday afternoon...
This is the view from our back yard.



Before photoshop editing.


This is the view inside the house. Katie's learning cursive.

Lightroom b&w
Had to share the black and white version.
I heart Lightroom black and white.


It's Wednesday, so let's play....

What's Worse Wednesday!

Christmas Shopping or Shoveling five inches of snow.

What's worse?

See you in the comments!

Encourage one another,

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