Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I thought last nights show was very entertaining!

While I can not stand the clothing Helio is forced to wear, I think his partner is perfection...and Helio is superb!
He really does remind me of Fred Astaire. His footwork is delicate.
He's light in his Capzios.

Jenny danced her best dance last night, wearing that pretty gold, fringed dress.
I think she does difficult steps, but I think her partner does not have the flair for choreography like his sister does.
I don't usually care for their dances. And I don't think it's Jenny.

MelB and Max are so fun to watch. He is just a hottie. (Did I say that outloud?)
Last night when they fell over....he asked her if she was okay.
Did you notice that?

And then there is Marie.
Funny Marie.

I know she really stepped it up last night. And her dances were good....
But I think it is time for her to go.
She should be happy that she is the most poplar person on the show...
and leave the dancing to MelB and Helio.

And those are the two that should be in the finals.

It just wouldn't be right to have Marie or Jenny in the finals.

***Ducking for cover now....


I went shopping for Thanksgiving supplies yesterday.

And who should we meet, ringing bells for the Salvation Army, but Lynn and her two little boys.

Bell ringing is their family tradition.

Here is the link Lynn sent me.


Check it out.
You can register on line to ring bells.

It's so easy...I just did it.

Dec. 4th, 2:00-4:00


Our first time ever :o)


Le Garage Band Studio

It was foggy yesterday and I had a hunch the light might be nice for a quick photo shoot.
I snapped seven shots of the girls just before we drove off to Emma's job.

Due to some skin issues, I went black and white and "aged" with these.



Aren't they sweet to BEAR with me :o)

I'm two lucky.
There such good girl's.

he he

I will be making four pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving.

Will you have pie?

What is your favorite pie?

Encourage one another,

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