Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Yesterday afternoon, I drove, got lost, then finally found my way, to a classically beautiful white church on Pleasantville Rd.

I remember seeing it 25 years ago.

The road was a desolate-two-lane-hilly-farmland road.

The church was in it's own little grove off trees surrounded by a cemetery and a rod iron fence.

I remember it, just so. Like the rugby striped sunset.

Some things stick.

This beautiful church stuck.

So yesterday I thought I might try a Dec. picture of the country church.

But first you must know. The hilly country lane is now filled in with big Mc Mansions.. The road has been widened and paved and lights have been added right in front of the church. I knew this before I went. I just hoped I would be able to stand back and take a picture of the church wihtout the wires and lights and street traffic.

As I neared, I saw a Bronco pull up and park right in front. And then I noticed the bottom half of all the windows were boarded up. The man headed to the cemetery. And I just made a U-turn and headed home.

There is a certain amount of luck when it comes to photography.
This photo was not meant to be. For me.

I hope the windows are being repaired.

Last I knew the church was still being rented for weddings and such.

I would hate to see it fall into ruin.

(I just googled it. It is a Registered Historic Place. First German Lutheran Church, Middleton)

When I got home, I begged Katie for a picture or two.


This was Emma's sweater!

Janice and Emma were twins back in 1994. Emma wore this sweater with little red leggings, Janice wore it with white leggings :o)

Emma and I went to Seattle to visit Janice. We went to see to Maurice Sendak Nutcracker. I also remember going in a coffee shop....for the first time ever.

Katie is in my garage-studio.

It has the best light.

I can name my business after it.

Booshay garage.


Garage Booshay.

That's it.

Class. All class.


Here's my pretty new computer.

Look. I haven't put pictures on the walls since Lynn and I painted in May.

I have a thing about putting pictures on the walls.

I don't know why.

I would not win any decorating awards, that is for sure.

And who knew Marie Osmond was so popular???

Are you voting for her? Tell the truth.

All together now....

Paper Roses,
Paper Roses....

Encourage one another,

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