Saturday, March 08, 2008

Alert reader Heidi @ MinnesotaMom sent me this amazing screen shot.
She says she spotted it on her Yahoo page.

How about that!?


My cynical husband immediately assured me that this was not for real.

I checked my stats to see if there was a bump, jump, keplunk in my numbers.

Nope. Holding steady at about 580.

But man!!!!

I had a flicker of hope.

A couple of laughs.

And something to write about today. Hooray!

So, Heidi, I must say....good one!!! Really good one!
You made my day with your cleverness and perfect humor!

I love that screenshot with all my heart!


Just before I got out of bed this morning, I was saying my prayers and thinking of the prayer
requests received here at the blog. And I thought, I am so thankful for the funny, honest, kind people who come and read and comment on this blog.

And I wouldn't want to do this without ya.

You make this blog fun and heartwarming for me and everyone else who happens on the comments.

Thank you really a lot.

(Name that movie. Someone says...."really a lot".)



Katie has a small performance today in her acting class.

She is a cow.

She is not crazy about the mask.

It's been a good learning experience for her.

You don't always get to be the princess or the flower or the adorable dancer in the lullaby league.


Have a great weekend!

Encourage one another,

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