Monday, March 10, 2008


The very little play went very well on Sat.
Here is a rehearsal shot



Um. The narrators stood in front of us during the performance.

So I don't have any shots of the play. Such is life.


The End


New Recipe a Week:
Week Whatever

Pictured is Ina Garten's Orange Pound Cake

It's pretty.
Tastes terrible warm.

Did you know that about pound cake. It is horrid warm.

As you can see, I tasted it before I took a picture.

I am, so, NOT a perfectionist.


Oh yeah.

And both loaves have big sink holes.

Did you know that when you bake with glass pans, your food cooks faster?
Well it does.

So I carefully reduced the baking time and checked these until they did not jiggle.

The outside was done to my liking, but the center obviously was still a bit well.

Perhaps I should just go back to making tenderloin with bearnaise sauce and potato soup.

My tried and trues.



Seems my husband is more a Ellizabeth Gaskell man than a Jane Austen man.

He was actually drawn into this BBC mini series and watched the last three hours with me.

I like this mini-series very much.
I think Elizabeth Gaskell has shown us a slice of life we don't see in our pretty, pristine Jane Austen books and movies.

Life was very grim for many people during this era and I thought it was interesting to see.

This movie is about workers and masters in the "north" of England; industrial age struggles.
And it is a love story.

Here is the quote I remember....Margaret writes to a friend and describes the conditions in the cotton mills.

Margaret Hale: I believe I've seen hell and it's white, it's snow white.


Somehow....I can relate to that quote.


Monday again.....
I wonder what this week will bring?

Encourage one another,

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