Monday, March 31, 2008

Mystery on our Lawn.

What is this?

What on earth?


Recipe of the Week!

I decided to finally make Ree's Delicious Chocolate Pie.

I have been eyeing it for a few months.

One of our blog friends made it and left a comment that it was delicious and super rich.

I thought they were being wimpy.

I mean, in my whole life, nothing has been too rich.

So, last night, Katie and I whipped up this frothy treat and just before her bed time it was
ready for a taste.

Recipe of the week.

And it is delicious and rich.


And if you live in the Madison area and want to have a taste, I am sincerely inviting you to come over and have a piece.

Just stop by of a quick bite. You don't have to stay long. Just come for some pie.

I have whipped cream and 1% milk.

And Greek olives.


Katie helped a great deal in the making of this pie.

Her favorite thing is to crack eggs.

I was really nice and let her crack all the eggs....and she maned the timer.

I have gotten smart and have Katie crack the eggs into a bowl...just in case.

Our pie is officially shell free.

To see Ree's glorious pictures and a how to: Go Here

Delicious! Chocolate Pie

2 sticks regular butter, softened
1 1/2 cups sugar
4 ounces unsweetened chocolate, melted
1 teaspoon vanilla
4 eggs
1 baked pie shell. Beat butter and sugar together until light and fluffy, then mix in cooled melted chocolate. Add vanilla and mix. Turn the mixer to medium speed, then add in the four eggs, one at a time, mixing for 4 to 6 minutes after the addition of each egg. Scrape sides of bowl once during mixing. Pour into the cooled pie shell and refrigerate for at least two hours or overnight. Plop whipped cream on top and serve. Garnish with chocolate curls if you’re feeling sassy.


Our Emma.

Emma is nineteen years old today.

You all know how much I adore that girl....

But, I don't think I ever told you the weird feelings i had when she was a baby.

I thought she was going to die.

Just this strange, ominous feeling inside like she was not long for this world.

I was such a happy mommy having my two boys, and they had one another:brothers.
It was perfect.

And then we had our very longed-for little girl....

and I thought it was all way too good to be true.

So good, I felt my joy would be snatched away from me.

Not that I believed that God did things like that....

I didn't and I don't....

But I was just awed with my little girl and I was a little afraid.

I never told anyone. And the feeling passed.

I was the one to almost lose my life that first year of Emma's life.

(ruptured appendix one month post-partum))

So perhaps that was where this odd feeling of dread came from.....


Emma is not getting a dog, even tho she wants one desperately.
We are not the nicest parents on the block.

Happy birthday, dear Emma.

We love you!!!


So a few questions for you today.

Do you know what that weird thing on the lawn is?
Have you ever had that creepy feeling like your child would die?


Do you want a piece of pie?

Encourage one another,

About that pie......

I am delighted to report,
that we had some takers!!!!

All but one crumbled, lonely piece left.

Thank you, Amy J, for bringing your hungry crew over this afternoon.

You made my pie-making self very happy.

p.s. Pay not attention to the horrible photography in this shot....
just look at those happy faces :o)

There you have it Steph.
A photo mention.
Just for you.

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