Saturday, March 29, 2008

Paris, Style and Kindness

One year ago today, we left for our trip to Europe.

My how the time flies.

I still have a thrill in my heart when I think back....

and a huge feeling of dread when I remember the train ride from

Paris to Florence.

So let's not think about that....


DSC_0753 copy

Style: Are you born with it?

My creation
"Mommy, can I wear these?"

I think it may be a personality trait.
For some having a style, that certain something, just seems to come naturally?

What do you think?

Nature or nurture?


Donald Trump called.
Donald Trump called...He wants his hair back.
He wants his hair back.

"Katie, your hair! You have a comb-over again."

"I don't care, Mom!"


And to all of you who sent me kind words and love, yesterday, thank you.

(Even if they were just in your head and not in the comment box :o)

My greatest thrill was sharing the news with you all.

I knew you would be so happy for me....cause you are just like that.

And I really mean it.

Your encouragement give me courage.

Thank you so much!


How about we get you talking about yourself a little bit here....

In your whole life, what vacation stands out as the most fabulous, most memorable?

Encourage one another,

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