Friday, March 28, 2008

My best kept secret
aka Miz Booshay's Excellent Adventure.

It is a hard thing to keep a secret when you are about to burst with excitement!

But the day has come and I can reveal my most wonderful news.

Back in January ( believe me, it felt a lot longer than 2 1/2 months) I received a surprise email from Ree aka The Pioneer Woman.

Ree shared with me that she was planning a site makeover and was going to expand the photography/photoshop section.

She said she was looking for "a few good men" to be contributors on the photography/photoshop page.

And then. She asked me if I was interested in climbing aboard the Confessions Train. HA! She did not say that....that is just me trying not to be boring....

But really and truly...I was so shocked by her request.

I walked around the house with my hand clasped over my gaping mouth and my eyes wide with the thrill of it all.

Oh my, oh my, oh my....
Why is she asking me?


It all came as such a surprise.

But within an instant, I knew I had to try.

Whether I believed in myself or not. Ree thought I had a little something, something.

And if she believed in me, I was going to try to believe in myself, too.

So in a way, I donned my cape of confidence and said yes.

When I wrote back, I typed in the subject line, "I am all astonishment."

And Ree was glad that I didn't faint.

(I'm so tickled when I can quote Jane in my every day life. Aren't you?)

And so the adventure began. It has been a creative and emotional and psychological adventure, for sure.

The creative has been thrilling.

The emotional has been emotional.

And the psychological continues to be the challenge.

I am like man with the angel and the devil on his shoulders.

The devil tells me that I am an average photographer and that everyone will hate me and boo me off the internet.
(You see I am entering a world that is not my own little happy Quiet Life where everyone is nice to me, no matter what.
I am stepping onto a big stage and people might boo and hiss and throw tomatoes.)

And the angel whispers,' I think you can, I think you can, I think you can....
Ree thinks you can.... You have to try. You have to try.'

So yeah. The hardest part are the voices in my head.

Don't tell Ree, I have voices in my head....or that she is one of them :o)

So the plan is, I will write two photography/photoshop post for Ree each week. She will write a bunch of posts a week, too.
She is much more experienced and knowledgeable than me so her posts will be the advanced, clever posts.
I will be a friend to the beginners :o)

I have already sent her eight articles, some long and some short , and she says they are A.O.K.

So, if you are interested in photography and want to learn a little more, head on over to the new and expanded Pioneer Woman Photography/PS .

And in case you want to learn MORE about ME, go visit the "About Me" page.

I'm so happy to finally share this exciting news with you all.

You have encouraged me in my photography all year long,
and you are no small part in the making of that confidence cape of which I speak.


20080327_7556 copy
Katie was wearing a leotard and it made me all artsy yesterday.

Leotards have that kind of effect on me.

Remember the artsy kids who would walk around with leotards and bohemian skirts in the 70's?
Oh. You were just a baby.

“I will prepare and some day my chance will come.”
Abraham Lincoln

Encourage one another,
Donna aka the lucky one.

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