Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I can watercolor. Kind of.

I tried something new yesterday.

With just the click of a button, I learned to watercolor.

Here is the picture.

Here is the watercolor verison.

I love the eyes.

If you go to Flickr (by clicking on the picture) you can enlarge the picture and see it closer.

It really looks cool up close.

Watercolor #2
Watercolor #2

Oh this is fun! Some pictures take to it very well. While others are a bust.
This is my morning favorite!


I also watched lots of reality television.

I Tivoed Biggest Loser. Sorry to see sweet Bernie go.

And I watched American Idol.

I liked Dreadlock boy's song. But I just like that song.

And I was actually really creeped out at the idea of one of his dreads falling off.
How gross is that?

(In case you missed it, he said one of his dreads fell off at a restaurant.)

I also really, really liked David Cook.
I thought his rendition of Hello by Lionel Richie was great and I like everything about him.

I thought he looked very handsome and made nice facial expressions.

Paula is a parrot. She literally copied everything Randy said last night.

Simon admits to getting botox and he shops at Whole Foods.
That's what I learned about Simon yesterday.

I would like to see Danny N. go home (he really was obnoxious last night) or David Hernandez.
Turns out David H. has a very shading past. And I just don't like that.
So there.

I think Luke Menard will go home tho.

Do one or two contestants go home each week?

What is new for you? Anything happening in your world that you'd like to share?
Any great news or prayer requests?

I'm all ears :o)

Encourage one another,

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