Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Letters J and Q

They are very important letters and can totally change a game of Alphabet in the car.



Alphabet game in the car.  I need a Q!

I need a "J",,,,where Oh where is a "J"?

We arrived in Omaha in record time. Matthew and Melinda met us at The Cheesecake Factory.



Too full.


We visited Matthew and Melinda's new apartment. It is so nice! They have a lovely home in a very small town.
They also have a maniac cat! We felt right at home.

Sunday morning we went to church. Melinda's father is the pastor of this wonderful country church.

Our gracious in-laws and son.

Here are our very kind and gracious hosts!
We kind of just invited ourselves for Easter dinner at their house.


Carol had Easter baskets for each of us at our places!
Even I got one :o)

And look at that bountiful table! Carol went to a lot of work and everything was delicious!

We even had lamb!

I don't think I have had lamb since Easter with Aunt Dorothy.


There were critters out back.

Emma made some friends.

Emma has the dog-wanting something fierce.

Then we went bowling

Engagement photographer for hire.  ha ha ho ho.

And since we had a young couple in our midst,
I thought I would play Engagement photographer.
(Even tho Matthew and Melinda have been married for nine months.)


I don't mind if you laugh.

Cause that Matthew is too silly.

Engagement Photographer for Hire: Cheap

And just to round out the goofy shots....

I will call this the best of the worst.

Best of the worst photos!!!

Everything is wrong with this picture....except the cuteness of Emma and Matthew!

And sometimes that's all that matters.

To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there.
~Barbara Bush

Encourage one another,

p.s. Here is the burn.

the burn

Katie is doing just fine.
You can see where the blisters were.
I am using Neosporin and a non stick bandage.
I could not buy a product with silver nitrate at Walgreens.

It looks to be healing.

Thank you for your prayers.

Katie has not complained of pain at all.
Big blessing.

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