Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Mother of the Year

On Sunday, I think the mercury neared 50 degrees. The thick slab of ice melted from the wide. quiet
street on which we live. To break out of the cabin fever mode I asked Patrick to take Katie's
bicycle down from the garage ceiling.
With just a sweatshirt, Katie rode up and back, on the damp street.

First bike ride of 2008

On Monday morning after completing Math, cursive and Latin, Katie was ready for a break.

I told her to go outside for a bike ride.

She slipped into her gym shoes and pulled on her sweatshirt only to come right back in within minutes.

"It's really cold out."

Huh? Okay.

Twenty minutes later a friend arrived to gather a few boxes of fruit.

As I opened the door to hand her a box, I noticed that the driveway was covered with two inches of fresh snow and that the end of the driveway was a mound of snow and ice and slush from the snowplow.


Our little spring respite was barely a day long and we were back in full winter mode.


Katie gathering the mail in full winter attire.

The way we were.

Please take note of the giant mounds of snow at the ends of our driveways.

It has been a winter we will all remember.

Encourage one another,


from alert reader Tammy and her sons;

Brett Favre to retire.

ESPN and FOX declare it to be true.

Still no word from Brett or Packer.com


Packers.com announces the retirement of our beloved quaterback.


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